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Last updated: 2009-11-11


DEMO versions

Download demo versions and see if our software could satisfy your needs in call accounting.

Demo versions have following limitations:

  • The 'Logger' module which connects to PBX system and logs actual call records to the database is not available;
  • You can only open the sample calls database files in the calls browser;
  • Configuration changes are reset to default after you exit the program;
  • Report customization for PBX Call Tarifficator Pro is disabled. You can only use predefined report templates;
  • Network client/server installation is disabled;
  • Some minor functions are not available;

Download PBX Call Tarifficator Lite DEMO  [535Kb] - 2003-11-04

Download PBX Call Tarifficator Pro DEMO from CNET
Download demo from CNET


User Manuals in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

Download PBX Call Tarifficator Lite User Manual (in Russian)  [350Kb] - 2004-02-16

Download PBX Call Tarifficator Pro User Manual (in Russian)  [670Kb] - 2004-02-16

Download PBX Call Tarifficator Pro User Manual (in English)  [454Kb] - 2004-03-01

Free software

SMDR Wizard is specially designed to help you obtain a sample of call information from your PBX system. It provides detailed on-screen instructions for every step, just download and run. It will help to set serial port communication settings correctly.

Download SMDR Wizard  [200Kb] - 2009-09-11

Free terminal emulator software can help you troubleshoot serial port link related problems. You can also use it to capture SMDR information to text file.

Download DCS Terminal  [176Kb] - 2006-03-20

All software will run under Windows NT, XP, 2K, 2K3, 95, 98, ME operating systems and require 16 Mb RAM and 2 Mb of free disk space.

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